Star wars battlefront 3 2021, review and features, review and features

Star wars battlefront

Star wars battlefront 3 2018, the most wanted video game has released. This article is about Star wars battlefront 3 2018 review and features. After so many anticipations and expectations, Star Wars dropped after release.

The EA made huge claims that this will be one of the most popular game in the history of the company. This is the 3rd release of Star Wars Battlefront 3. According to the users, they didn’t see new features in this part three.The company EA has great expectations with this game and it expects to sell almost 13 million Star Wars Battlefront 3 copies.

Star wars battlefront 2018

Star wars battlefront 3 2018, review and features, review and features

First of all, if we talk about the looks, Star Wars Battlefront 3 has good looks in the universe of  Star Wars than the previous one. Battlefront delivers very nice looks and graphics for its audience.These games give the true environment for heroes villains against each other. The game rotates for the players who is the hero in any match, In this game the other characters than heroes with the special power.

At the climax battle of Hoth with Walker Assault the game mode and the main part of this game. Another feature of this game is that it is kept simple as the environments have a matte painting. This time, no classes have been used and a user can jump easily to action. Players can find here different rifles and pistols. The weak point is this it all have the same sound effects. It does not allow the user to swap the attachments or auto play on various situations than other games.


This time, many weapons and gadgets also included in this Star wars battlefront 3 2019 that are unlockable.Battlefront gives the option use sniper rifle depending on your level and state as well.The game offers blaster rifle as the first weapon with star cards with some benefits.This game has 6 heroes with three powers for a single hero.We can say that Star Wars Battlefront  3 is an exciting and great simulator but not any extraordinary or super special  game.