10 amazing ivy league haircut 2019 for smart and nice look for men

ivy league haircut

Today we are sharing the 10 amazing ivy league haircut 2019 for smart and nice look for men as it has become popular nowadays.If you are looking for some new type of men haircuts 2018 then this ivy league haircut is best for you.

What Is The Ivy League Haircut?

Ivy League haircut is a new name for the crew cut.The only difference is leaving more hair on top of the head while men can style their hair on sides. This amazing hairstyle gives a professional and clean hairstyle look to men while making them sharp and smart.Moreover, it is the best style for the school or college guys as it is easy to maintain for boys.

How to style the League Haircut?

These are many hair products for styling these league haircuts like pomade, wax and hair paste etc.Before going to the barber shop you must clearly know some basic things like how short the top would be. What about the sides and front? Side back and long hair on the front are the basics of this haircut.It is a low-maintenance and short haircut for man.Just you need to apply any hair product and make a side part.So how to ask for an ivy league haircut is just simple.

 Ivy League Haircuts 2019

Classic Ivy League haircut

It’s just a variation in a crew cut that is also known as the Princeton haircut. So we can say that  Ivy League is another name for Harvard Clip or Princeton, with the hair on the top with some length to style with a side part.Now the men’s Ivy League hairstyle is the perfect look for boys to look trendy.

modern ivy league haircut

Here are some modern looks of ivy haircut 2019.

ivy league haircut

Ivy League with Comb Over



ivy league haircut

Short and Spiky Haircut

ivy league haircut

textured ivy league haircut

ivy league haircut

ivy league haircut lengths

At the top, the length is always short while the front is longer.

ivy league haircut clipper numbers

It is usually cut using scissors so tell your barber to leave half an inch on top and between with a front line.

ivy league haircut with a beard

With beard, it has become more trendy and amazing for guys in 2018.

ivy league haircut receding hairline


ivy league haircutivy league haircut vs crew cut

The ivy league haircut is same as a crew cut. However, this Princeton haircut 2018 leaves hair on the top to make a side part. While It gives the face good look and appearance.

ivy league haircut 2019

This is becoming the best haircut for guys in 2019 or men haircuts 2019  so keep in touch to get the updates.