Amazing results of nose contouring before and after[2020]

how to contour nose

If you are searching how to contour nose then you are on the right page we will also share the amazing results of nose contouring before and after. We are going to share some quick and amazing ideas about how to contour nose in less than 5 minutes to make you stunning? The contouring before and after result can make you surprised.

Previously we have learned how to make your nose smaller in an article. Before going to the topic first of all we must see what is the nose contouring and why it is important.Let’s see how to contour nose to look smaller? You can easily make your wide nose smaller.

contouring before and after

contouring before and after

What is Contouring?

Contouring means using a matte makeup product like pencil, powder or cream and it should be at least two shades darker than original skin shade. Contouring could b used for reshaping for cheeks, nose, and forehead as well.

Nose Contouring is a latest and amazing makeup trick that is helpful in making the nose small and sharp.It helps in creating the perfect nose shape and look.This trick is used especially when someone wants to have nose shorter, straight or prominent.

So, we can say that Contouring is the trick to making your features prominent and sharp with makeup.  This is done by using dark or lighter shades.

 how to contour nose

Simple steps of Contouring Nose

Let’s see how to contour your nose.

#1 Step

First of all, select an eyeshadow brush that is curved. It will help in drawing the perfect contouring lines on the nose.

#2 Step

Choose the product for contouring.It could be a matte powder or cream. It could be also a brown pencil. But take care that always selects two shades lighter shade for contouring purpose.

#3 Step

Now, draw two lines on both sides of your nose with this brush.

#4 Step

The lines should be thinner.

#5 Step

Always use a soft blender to mix up the contour and highlighter lines.

#6 Step

Now, use and apply the highlighter on the nose top or bridge.

#7 Step

If you want to show your nose only shorter then apply the highlighter halfway down.

#8 Step

If you want to make your nose shorter as well as thinner then use the highlighter to the down sides of the nose.

 how to contour nose

#9 Step

If you want to make your nose looked longer then start the contouring from the brow bone. Start the contouring lines from the brow bone to the tip with a curved and angled brush.

#10 Step

Using a soft and fluffy brush and blender will work it best.

Tips for Contouring

Learn now how to contour nose to look thinner?

  1. Always watch some contouring videos before applying the trick on your face.
  2. You can also contour the cheekbones to make your look attractive with nose contouring.
  3. Never use the dark shade for contouring, it will give bad look.Always select two shades lighter.

Tools for Contouring

The brush for contouring is one of the most important tools for a perfect result. The blending brush should be fluffy and soft to give the perfect highlighting. ‘ the brushes you use will have a significant impact on your results. A small blending brush such as the

Nose contouring makeup products

Contour your nose with these products.

Here are some nose contour products

1.Matte pencils brown shades

2.Liquid concealer or foundation in a slightly lighter color from your skin tone

3.Liquid foundation

4.Matte powder

5.Matte lipstick


 how to contour nose

Kim Kardashian’s Contouring Hack

Kim Kardashian is a great example for contouring and highlighting for every girl.

You will learn from here how to contour nose with eyeshadow?

We can say her a master of contouring.  Here are her contouring tips for all.

  1. Don’t be afraid to contour your nose

  2. Start highlight down the center of your nose.

  3. Contour is failed without a highlight

  4. Use light color down your nose

  5. Add one point darker shade from to the tip of your nose.

  6. Use contour and cheekbones colors same.

  7.  Give some shading at your eyes.

  8. Blending is the key to success.

Cleft Chin contouring

Do you know that you can also do very good contouring for you cleft chin as well by following the above tips as well?

cleft chin

In the next articles, we will learn how to contour nose with powderhow to contour nose bump, how to contour wide nose. Keep in touch with life spirit good luck. So you have seen contouring before and after gives an amazing difference.