What is technology and how it will change the entire world in 2018


Most of us are not aware of What is technology and how it will change the entire world in 2017 as technology has become an essential part of this world now. We can’t move ahead in this world without having the latest technology. In this article, we will tell about What is Technology and how it will change the entire world. Technology has become so fast that we can’t predict anything exactly . These changes are not on the monthly basis but day to day . Here we are going to predict about some Future technology that will change the entire world.

No one can tell exactly about future technology but we can predict some future technology changes that could change the world in the full scenario. Just have a look on the most amazing and predicted future technology.

What is Technology ?

In the coming years, we can expect a great innovation in Computing , smartphones , Tablets PCs , Cloud computing , the Internet as well. We are at the start right now and much more is going to be done within few years.

Upcoming Technologies 2019

  1. Google Glass is one of the most predictable and awaited future technology. Google always brings innovations in human life and now it is going to introduce Google Glass within some years. Google Glass will be helpful to check out Google Maps, GPS, Photos Galleries , Facebook and Twitter feeds . Google will try to make this device affordable and approachable to everyone.

what is technology



Future Technology Impact 

  1. Three 3D printing is also one of the biggest and awesome future technology. This technology will bring your digital design into extreme reality. Three 3D printing will bring innovation in designs and graphics technology. This idea will help to create your own product based on your idea.
  2. Eye Tribe tracking is also an amazing future technology for all human beings. This technology helps us in order to control your games , tablets, PCs just with the movements of your eyes. No need of tough with hands just use your eyes to control your gaming and devices.

what is technology



  1. Firefox OS will be one of the great future technology in coming years. Firefox OS is a new mobile system introduced by Mozilla . This technology will provide the users fully freedom and choice in their mobiles than Android , iTunes, and iOS. Firefox OS will be built on open source with Web properties as well.
  2. Driverless Cars by Google are going to become a reality now. Google company has made it a reality now. This driverless car will be operated by some intelligence that would be artificial. This car will take help from the cameras inside the driverless car.
  3. In further articles , we will discuss other Future Technology that Will change the entire world hopefully.