Let’s have a look on the futuristic Upcoming smartphones 2018

Upcoming smartphones in 2017

Upcoming smartphones 2018 are not the only budget-friendly but also very high tech as You can get full detail here about the upcoming mobiles 2018. We will also give some information about upcoming mobiles 2018 under 10,000 and 15,000. Moreover the Upcoming smartphones 2018 are just amazing for everyone.

Upcoming smartphones 

Most of us are curious to know about the Nokia, LG, Huawei, Oppo, Apple, and Samsung upcoming mobiles with prices so we tried to give a detail about the coming mobiles and smartphones 2018 for you. Hope you will like this article. Here the best upcoming smartphones from Apple, Sony, Huawei and Samsung for you.

Upcoming smartphones 2019

Technology has become very fast and cheap now. Everyone can buy the phone of his choice now very easily. The last year was one of the best for smartphones but what about 2018. Let’s know the upcoming attractions.

The releases dates for Upcoming smartphones 2018

1.iphone 8s  is expected to release in September 2018

2.LG G6 is expected to release in April 2018

3.Lenovo Moto Z is expected in the middle of 2017

4.Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected in 2018 last

5.HTC new model is expected in March 2018

Apple iPhone8 and 8plus release date and features 

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus will come this year with some minor changes but major innovations in design and technology.  It will not only change the design but also the software and hardware as well.The most important thing about iPhone 8 is that it will be first time having the feature of wireless charging. It will also have the latest biometric changes.

Upcoming smartphones in 2017


Samsung Galaxy S9

Release date and features 

Samsung Galaxy 9 will be launched in next year. The company is expecting the best outcome for the Samsung Galaxy 9.It will be one of the best next generations Smartphone with great outlook and hardware. It is expected that the smartphone will have only one port for USB and no one for the headphone as USB port will be used for audio. The latest Samsung Smartphone will support the 5G network.

Upcoming smartphones in 2017

The most amazing  Samsung Galaxy X  the Foldable Phone release date and features 

Samsung Galaxy X will have a foldable technology as edge technology is finished now. It will be the most exciting smartphone for 2017.

Upcoming smartphones in 2017

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Upcoming smartphones are just amazing and affordable for everyone like Infinix ,

Upcoming tablets 2018 and Essential Phone as well.