Trump’s US healthcare bill 2018 vote withdrawn: Huge blow to Trump

Trump’s US healthcare bill 2018

Trump’s US healthcare bill 2018 vote withdrawn has been withdrawn that is a big blow to President Trump.Surprisingly, Donald Trump gets a big shock when Trump’s US healthcare bill 2018 has been withdrawn. It was withdrawn at the last minute because it was not able to get the required support in US Congress.

Paul Ryan, the house Speaker briefed that President Trump asked to pull the vote because it would not be able to get 215 votes of republican that were needed.

All Obama’s supporters think it a big achievement while it is a huge blow to President Donald Trump.

Previously, the Obama healthcare was the major presidential election topic and pledge by him.

 Trump's US healthcare bill 2018

One day before President Trump has warned the republicans for the vote for this healthcare bill. According to sources, almost 25 to 25 were opposed to this health care bill.Sources said that they were unhappy with the cut off health coverage in this bill.So we can say that

Republicans pull healthcare legislation plan in blow to Trump.