Top 10 Universities 2018 in the world that every student should know

top universities in the world

In this article, you will know about the top 10 universities 2018 in the world as we know, education plays an important role in the Career of a student. While it works, for the progress of any country. Because every country is dependent on its highly educated students. University brings the changes in human life as well as career. It provides leadership for all the fields of life.Hence, an interest the higher Education has become the main driver of the success of any Nation now.There are many top 10 universities 2018 in the world.

Every country is dependent on its highly educated students. University Education brings the changes in human life and career.It provides leadership for all the fields of life.The higher Education has become the main driver of the success of any Nation now.There are many top universities in the world.

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Top 10 Universities 2018

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the top class university in the USA. While located in Cambridge, it is well known globally. .Moreover, it aims to serve the nation and society. It offers science, technology, and other areas. MIT has five schools, one college,34 academic departments, multiple centers, and Labs. While it is giving world class academics in Science and engineering. It has the wonderful faculty that gives relaxing environment.As a result, the students have the opportunity to experience their technical skills with society.


The University of Cambridge


 Top Universities in the world for 2016

The University of Cambridge in the UK is consistently in top five universities of the World. The University has the excellent contribution in research areas.Cambridge is a group of 31 self-governing colleges under the banner of Cambridge. 89 Noble winners have been graduated from Cambridge. The most number of any institutions all around the world. It is famous nationally as well as globally. Cambridge Colleges provide academic and extracurricular opportunities to its students. Cambridge offers the courses for undergraduates. Afterward, they can select from many options for specialization.


Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a world-class best-regarded university in London. While having the main campus in Kensington along with many campuses in London.The University is accessible for overseas students. It is served by three airports in the United Kingdom. The University is well known for engineering, science, and medicine, business, industry, commerce, healthcare and humanities. It has more than 40 departments and centers. Imperial College London has ranked as World Class for its marvelous research.

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the oldest private institutions in the United States. Harvard offers Bachelors to Master’s degrees and professional programs. It offers the fields of economics, psychology, music, consistently .social policy and government. Harvard is the well-reputed institute consistently.It is in the top rankings of a country and worldwide. This remarkable institution has three lacks sixty thousand alumni in the world.The most regarded about Harvard is that its offers financial aid for students.

University College London UCL

University College London UCL is the first university institution in London known as ‘London’s Global University ‘. The oldest and largest UCL is well regarded globally. While having  21 Nobel Prizes.University College London has good relations in academic and research areas. It has more than two hundred and fifty universities globally. The University offers many graduate and undergraduate programs.It is always ranked as top three Universities in the terms of multi-faculty.  The University is well regarded for the quality of its research. Hence its teaching and learning facilities to their students are superb.

The University of Oxford

 Top Universities in the world for 2016

The University of Oxford is a leading University in the world. It is consistently ranked in the top 10 universities. Moreover, due to its research, academics, and teaching it is still one of the top university. It has 38  colleges having students from all over the world. 26 British Prime Ministers are its alumni along with David Cameron the Current PM of UK. A unique thing about Oxford is its teaching and tutorial method in which every student takes one or two classes in a week with world-class teachers that are very effective for developing problem-solving  written and oral skills of the Students.

Stanford University 

Stanford University is the famous and leading institution. Moreover, it is famous for its teaching and research standards. It is located in California. Stanford is a renowned institution with the top ranking in many surveys. While as a research institution it provides maximum opportunities for students to work with faculty.Side by side it prepares students to face the issues and challenges. Stanford University offers undergraduate and graduate program through its seven schools.


California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is a famous and world-class university located in Pasadena, California. Caltech focusing on Science and engineering provides a lot of programs for its undergraduates and graduates in which Chemistry, biology, math, physics, earth sciences and engineering  are included. California Institute of Technology has the greatest faculty and 112 of among them are the part of National academy and NASA as well. The goal of Caltech is to serve the community through research and making its students helpful and beneficial for the world.

Princeton University

Princeton University is a world-class institution located in New Jersey. While it offers highly ranked programs through its institutes. It is the richest school in the USA by the endowment. The unique thing about its academic is that every student has to write a thesis. Moreover, Princeton provides financial aids to its students in many programs. Princeton University gives the best research opportunities as well as liberal arts programs.

Yale University

Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut. It has an undergraduate College, the  Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and 12 professional schools. It is a world-class research institution. While Its faculty is outclassed where every student has the easy approach towards them. Moreover, the key focus of Yale is promoting the students skills.Thatswhy every student like to be a part of this.

Final Verdict:-

We have shared the top 10 universities in the world hope it will be helpful for you. If you are going to choose among the top 10 universities 2018 then keep all factors in your mind.