Suffering from the shift work sleep disorder : What is the solution ?

shift work sleep disorder

Are you familiar with the term Shift work sleep disorder that is a problem faced by the people who work in rotating shifts?  Most of the people work in different shifts like morning, night and evening. The shift work affects the people lifestyle and creates some disorders in which shift work sleep disorder is also included.This is a topic for the people who face trouble in sleeping due to work routines.

Shift work sleep disorder-Meaning

SWSD stands for  Shift work sleep disorder. It disturbs the persons working in rotating shifts. The changing schedule of jobs anyhow totally against the body system that harms the body functions. The most harmful thing is this sleep disorder naming as Shift work sleep disorder.It becomes the delayed sleep phase disorder later if not treated. 

shift work sleep disorder

What is shift work? 

Working in different times like morning, evening and mid is called shift work.

Shift work sleep disorder symptoms

  • Continues feeling of sleeping even after the sleep of more than 8 hours in a day.
  • Restlessness
  • Drowsiness
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • stomach disorder

Results of Shift work sleep disorder

Shift work disorder causes not only bad impact on health but also effects the work as well. It can cause road accidents, work error, bad performance, low attention, and anxiety as well.

shift work sleep disorder


How to overcome the Shift work sleep disorder?

Although it is not possible to solve this issue completely anyhow there are some tips to maintain your health and sleep.

  1. Take 8 hours sleep daily.

  2. Take healthy diet,

3.Maintain your sleep diary.

4, Sleep in quite and peaceful room.

5, Don’t work for overtimes especially when working in night shift,

6.Don’t take heavy foods at night shift work.

7, Take a nap before starting your night shift,

  1. Take some energy drink before starting the work.


Sleep medications for Shift work sleep disorder

If you can not overcome your sleep trouble with these tips then you should go to some doctor. He can suggest some good medicine that will help you to sleep quickly. Avoid the overdose of these medicines.

Supplements for Shift work sleep disorder

You can also take the Melatonin supplements to overcome this sleep issue. It helps to produce the hormone in the brain that gives a signal to sleep. You should take it before some hours you plan to sleep.

Some Facts about Shift work sleep disorder

  1. This disorder is caused by the irregular routine of work.
  2. Shift work is now very common in all fields, but especially industrial areas, hospitals, and media have rotating shifts.
  3. The people who are already facing some health issues may have the more chances to suffer from this sleep disorder.
  4. Family can better help to decrease this issue by providing the best environment.
  5. Taking this disorder not seriously can lead to many harmful diseases.
  6. The symptoms of shift work sleep disorder may be different in all peoples.
  7. The nature of job also makes the disorder more complicated like if you are working in a stress field like media then the disorder will more strong.
  8. People working in hospitals, army. police, media, and transportation have more risks of this disorder.
  9. Although there is good treatment available for this disorder but you should go for natural tips and solutions for a better life.



This is a common issue for everyone working in different fields anyhow it could be overcome with simple tips.