Singapore gets the top position in 2016 Global Rankings

global education rankings

Singapore is now at the top position in the global education rankings as it has the best and highest achieving students in the fields of math and science.

These rankings published after very four years with the name of TIMSS. This stands for Trends in International Math and Science studies. This test is taken from the students of 57 countries from 9 to 10 and 13 to 15 years kids.

2016 Global Rankings

global education rankings


According to the report, the performance of UK is not improved during these 4 years .The top positions were filled by Japan and South Korea.  But now their competitors like Singapore are taking these positions now.

On the other hand, the researchers are surprised that during these four years minor changes could be seen in England school system .


The UK is one of the best for its education standards anyhow it didn’t improve its rankings in these four years.

England loses  in maths in Primary and Secondary both positions.


Surprisingly the top positions are taken by Asian countries and the top most is Singapore.

The students from the US also didn’t achieve good ranks. The executive director od TIMSS tests, Ina Mullis said that students now feel themselves more safe in the school environment. He said that Singapore and south Korea are now ahead of all countries in education.

Mullis added that the most important factor  was the quality of teaching and the key of this success is the teacher. Class size does not matter a lot. He also said that it seems that Singapore made its first priority education.



The Secondary mathematics top 10 countries

Singapore            ( 1st)

South Korea     ( second)

Taiwan              (third)

Hong Kong       (fourth)

Japan                 ( fifth)

Russia                ( sixth)

Kazakhstan      ( seventh)

Canada             ( eighth)

Ireland               (ninth)

United States   ( tenth)

England       ( eleventh)


The Primary mathematics  top 10


Singapore    ( 1st)

Hong Kong      ( second)


South Korea    (third)

Taiwan     (fourth)

Japan      ( fifth)

Northern Ireland   ( sixth)

Russia       ( seventh)

Norway       ( eighth)

Ireland      (ninth)

England    ( tenth)




Secondary science top 10 positions


Singapore    1st

Japan 2nd

Taiwan 3rd

South Korea 4th

Slovenia 5th

Hong Kong 6th

Russia 7th

England 8th

Kazakhstan 9th

Ireland 10th


Primary science top 10 positions


Singapore   1st

South Korea 2nd

Japan 3rd

Russia 4th

Hong Kong 5th

Taiwan 6th

Finland 7th

Kazakhstan 8th

Poland 9th

United States 10th