Samsung Galaxy S9 2018 : Release date, price and rumours

Samsung Galaxy S9 2018

There are many reasons for why to choose the Samsung Galaxy S9 2018 as Samsung always offers best smartphone design with a smooth touch.Samsung Galaxy S9 2018  is one of the best upcoming smartphones. Although Apple iPhone 2018 is always there in the competition but still many reasons to choose Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9

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Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

This would be the most awaited launch of 2018 as Samsung Galaxy S9 2019 is going to be launched in just a few weeks. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy smartphone series next mobile will be launched in February at Mobile World Congress. Samsung Galaxy S8 proved a great mobile and now S9 and Galaxy S9+ are coming with more exciting features.Samsung galaxy note 9 release date is within some days.

Samsung Galaxy S9 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

  1.  dual camera

  2. edge-to-edge display

  3. feature improved processors

  4. advanced dual-screen

  5. similar to the older S8.

  6.  5.77-inch display

  7. Galaxy S9+ will have a 6.22-inch display

  8. slightly smaller

  9. rear fingerprint scanner

  10. It is anticipated to follow the iPhone X 2018 with a dual-lens camera module.

  11. Smaller Samsung Galaxy S9

  12. Larger Samsung Galaxy S9+

  13. dual camera

  14. Rear fingerprint scanner like facial identification technology

  15. Bixby voice assistant

  16. note 9 foldable
  17.  voice controlled AI.

  18. Samsung galaxy note 9 specs


Samsung Galaxy S9 2018

How much will it cost?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price

Samsung Galaxy S9 2018

Well, Samsung galaxy note9 price Including the Samsung’s flagship smartphones could be £789 for the S9 and £879 for the S9+.

Samsung Galaxy S9 2018 is one of the most desired smartphones that fulfill almost all requirements of its customers.While This item is appreciated in all over the world. If we compare the Samsung S9 then we will find thousands of reasons that include design, touch, camera, display, headphone, water resistance and much more. Moreover, Samsung galaxy note 9 release date 2018 is just a few days behind.Let’s see what’s going to happen and what to have in this Upcoming smartphones 2018.