10 Unique ideas and romantic ways to propose your girlfriend


The moment how you proposed your beloved one will be remembered forever for this purpose you need to know the unique and romantic ways to propose. If you want to know the awesome and unique ideas to propose your girlfriend then read this article. We will tell you some impressive and romantic ways to propose. In this way, you can make this precious moment as the most memorable moment of your life. We are giving here some memorable proposal ideas.

How to propose to your girlfriend?

romantic ways to propose 2018

Choose a favorite venue

If you have decided to propose your beloved one then choose her favorite places like a Coffee shop, Beach.PBeach.Ask someone to grasp this moment in camera to make it memorable forever. This is one of the best romantic ways to propose a girl.

romantic way to propose a girl

Announce in a Cinema

Make a plan to spend few hours with your beloved for watching a romantic movie. During a romantic scene of the movie, propose your girlfriend like the hero of the movie. If she smiles then announce loudly in Cinema.

               Romantic way to propose in 2018

Candle Light Dinner

Invite your beloved one for a candlelight dinner, talk her about routine matters then surprisingly present her red roses with a card of Proposal. Ask the hotel management to play some romantic background music at that moment.

Arrange a Party of your Friends        

Arrange a surprise party of your friends wearing a T-shirt with phrases like, well, you, marry,me  or holding the cards.After sometimes ask this group to sit together then ask your girlfriend to read the message.

Decorate your room with memories

Decorate your room with some romantic pictures with your partner, flowers, nd balloons and write on the wall,”Will You marry me”.

Send the Proposal ring with flowers

Send the ring with some flowers before your beloved wake up in the morning.She will get a pleasant surprise to see all this.This is also one of the best Romantic ways to propose a girl.


How to propose to a girl in 2018?

Make a Special iTunes

Make a special proposal “song ”, sing in your voice and send through some media to propose her.

Ring in a Basket

Gift your beloved one a basket full of chocolates and candies and hide the ring in it. Ask your fiancé to find the surprise in the bucket.

romantic way to propose a girl

Special Cake to Propose

Make a special cake for your fiancé in which the phrases “will you marry me” would be written on the cake.

romantic way to propose a girl

Propose on the Special Days

You should know clearly what to say when you propose?

Select a special day or event to propose your beloved one, like birthday, new year, valentine’s day etc. Proposing on these special events becomes memorable forever.Hope these article will help you to understand some different and unique romantic ways to propose.