How to develop proper etiquette in kids while changing the bad habits?

Good manners for kids

Every Child is innocent and born without social skills, he needs to learn proper etiquette at home.Parents are the first role model and responsible fo proper etiquette. Kids can learn many bad habits during home but parents can change them easily with good manners.Good manners for kids are very easy to learn of parents do it willingly.

Proper etiquette for kids 

Usually, toddlers learn bad habits from their environment, sometimes it is due to copying the Parents or other family members or sometimes

They do it just to find relieve from anxiety or getting attention. It is just normal but the problem starts when Parents even civilized lose their temperament

and give punishment to children on certain habits. They do not bother to understand why kids are adopting this.May be he wants the attention of parents.


Punishment and bad remarks make them more stubborn and they become strict on those bad habits.

These habits are not harmful and it can be changed through some tolerance and wisdom. Here we will describe some common bad habits in toddlers.


Wiping Nose with Sleeves

Most kids learn this habits from home, they wipe their nose from their sleeves. Maybe they are copying someone in the home or maybe

nobody told them the proper way .so it is the responsibility of parents to guide them in a very light way about wiping their nose.


Thumb sucking

This habit usually starts in the first year of kid’s life, bed time they become so habitual that they can’t live without thumb sucking even in public places.

Parents can tell their child to leave this habit with patience, allow them to do this at certain sleeping time,

step by step they will leave it. You can apply some harmless chemical on the thumb so when a kid will suck he will leave this habit.

starts in after one year, paste some harmless chemical in a thumb, prepare the child for the change.



Lying  is the very common habit and mostly kids learn it from parents and family environment.If we want to teach our child about speaking truth , first of all, parents have to speak truth.Giving the reward for always speaking the truth ,kids will leave this habit gradually.


Nail biting

Nail biting is also very common bad habits in kids, it is due to some stress. Parents must find out the reason of kid’s stress and try to solve the issue.Telling your child off and on that, it is bad this is also the good technique.



This is very common and bad habit in kids. It can become very dangerous if not stopped earlier.

Parents must judge the reason and motivation for stealing why he is doing this .May be he need this or may need attention.



This can be changed through reward for not doing this,tell them again and again that it is dirty.


Beating others

This is due to any anxiety and complex if any child is not getting proper attention or parents are behaving very strictly, this may develop this habit. Parents must use only reward method. They must discuss the child problem in the friendly atmosphere.Criticism in front of others will make them stubborn. You can also get some good products for your kids like toys, games and Baby grooming kit online.