How to do Natural eye makeup at home : Tips for beginners

natural eye makeup

You are here as you were searching the natural eye makeup tips and tutorial and we have given here some very effective and easy tips for simple and natural eye makeup for beginners. Eye makeup is most essential part of full makeup. If you have a good lipstick, blush on and base but your eye makeup is not proper then your beauty will become unnatural. 

Life is moving fast but people are changing their trends for beauty in 2017. Now, the beauty that is natural is admired only. No, more artificial makeup and fashion is liked by many people now.

natural eye makeup

When it comes to the eye makeup, most of the women either never do eye makeup, some do it very badly and some have no sense to do it at all. For any party or function, they have to spend a lot of money on simple eye makeup.

Here we are giving some tips for simple eye makeup and after reading this article you will be able to know the following things.

How to do the Natural eye makeup?

Natural eye makeup tips

Natural eye makeup step by step

How to do the Simple eye makeup?

 Eye makeup  for blue eyes

Natural eye makeup for brown eyes

How to do Natural eye makeup for green eyes

Natural eye makeup black skin

Natural eye makeup for hazel eyes

Tips for Natural eye makeup step by step

1. First of all, use a light and natural eyeshade on the whole eyelid.

2.Then use an eyeliner brush with black gel liner.

3.Now, use an eye shadow brush wit some gel liner. Use the brush at the outer corners.

This is finish now,

Use some light pink or peach shade lipstick to give the final looks.

Natural eye makeup tips

  1. Wash your face before starting makeup
  2. Always use the light colors
  3. For night add some light brown shade in the eyelid area.

Natural eye makeup for blue eyes

Natural eye makeup for blue eyes will be same as simple brown eyes. But for inner shade, the neutral shades like brown and tans should be used. These shades can make your look natural.


natural eye makeup

Natural eye makeup for Green eyes

Eye makeup for green eyes is just like the blue eyes. But the color and shades make it better and natural. For day time the brown color goes perfect and in evening the bronze, purple and pinks looks perfect.

Natural eye makeup for brown eyes

This is the most common eye color and almost every color suits to this natural shade.But the purple, blue and metallic shades do perfectly with these eyes.

natural eye makeup

Natural eye makeup for black skin

To look natural with black skin is not difficult. If we talk about the eye makeup then copper eyes with nude lips give the perfect natural look for black skin. It will highlight the beauty of black skin.

Natural eye makeup for Hazel eyes

If you have hazel eyes then choose green eyeshadow for Hazel eyes. It will look beautiful with subtle green eye makeup.

natural eye makeup