NASA preparing robots in space teaming up with Universities

robots in space

NASA has opened its challenge for the next Robots in Space and its registration is open for all. NASA preparing Space Robots teaming up with Universities. This is the NASA’s Sample return Humanoid Robots in space 5th challenge. This challenge will be held in 2016.

NASA has selected two teams from MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northeastern University to cooperate in up gradation of NASA space robots or Humanoid robots. These space robots will explore Mars as well as space.

Robots in space

NASA preparing Space Robots with teaming up with Universities

R5 is basically designed by NASA that is a  bipedal robot. This R5 is known as Valkyrie. This is designed to give relief in a disaster. NASA thought that this R5 could also be used for space as well.On the other hand, NASA is also having a planning  to send the human crew to Mars in the 2030 and the asteroid by 2025.

These space robots will be built in NASA lab, NASA will also give required training to students about these humanoid robots. These robots will be shipped in the first month of 2016. NASA is spending a huge budget of $250,000 for a year for this project.

NASA preparing Space Robots with teaming up with Universities

The purpose of this project is to bring revolution and innovation in humanoid robots technology. To achieve this goal, both teams will give a demonstration of robots. This will collect samples of geologic without men help  from varied landscape. This innovation will boost the ability of NASA to explore new world and dimensions in space side by side with enhancing the  space robot technology.

NASA preparing Space Robots with teaming up with Universities

This humanoid robot innovation will be used after words in industry and technology..For this mission almost 30 teams from all over the world participated in the challenge.In these competitors  High schools, families, business persons, colleges and Universities participated.