Find the 10 Most Amazing and the best hotel in the world



This is situated at rural marshland near Kent, UK and it is a part of Waypost Farm Glamping. You can find here a king-sized bed, a bathroom as well as a wood burner. You will love to eat homemade goods from the owners.

Dog Bark Park Inn, US

Dog Bark Park Inn, US


This amazing hotel is situated at Cottonwood, Idaho.Moreover, it provides bed and breakfast Meanwhile it offers many other facilities.

Here are also dog sculptures carved wood of  60 different breeds at least.

Tree Hotel, Sweden

The Tree hotel is an amazing hotel in Sweden.Tre hotel is made up of five rooms above the ground.While each room has the different structure as well as unique design. This is sustainable for every weather. Each room has its own bathroom .

Panda Inn, China

This is an amazing hotel is located in China .While it has 32 rooms with Panda themes. This is a dream place for panda lovers.Because the Staff is wearing panda suits to bring you towards your home.Hence you can stay here for two or three days but not more than.

Bubble Hotel, France



This is a beautiful and amazing hotel in France .It provides the nature to tourists with all modern facilities like bathrooms and an Airconditioned environment.  he transparent bubble rooms has trees and bushes around.

V8 Hotel, Germany

The V8 Hotel is situated in Germany and it is an automotive dream. This hotel was built in a aircraft hanger .It was converted afterward. It is more than a showroom or museum.Moreover, every room of this hotel is decorated in a car design .People

Pople love to stay hence it is a bit expensive.

Spitbank Fort, UK

This is an amazing small island in the ocean.This was built beautifully to protect Portsmouth harbor from Napoleon 3 attack. The hotel is now a party place. Moreover , You can enjoy here gaming rooms, hot tub, and dining during your stay here.Hope this will be informative for you to find best hotels in the world.