15 Trending men short hairstyles and haircuts for 2018

men short hairstyles

Men are very conscious about their hairstyle and haircut like women now to look more stunning so here we are giving some trending men short hairstyles and short haircut for men for 2018. This men short hairstyles and short haircut for men and styles are unique and trending and suit to every face cut and shape as well.We are going to share the Cool Short Haircuts For Men (2017 Update).Men’s short hairstyles and short haircuts for men are for those who love to remain in style always.

Short hairstyles come in different ways and varieties.Having short hair is a good idea for men for many purposes. Like the styling of them is very easy and simple. It gives a younger look to men. Mostly it suits to every age group as well.

 Mens short haircuts 

Some want complete short but some want slightly. It could be above the ears till chin below. If hair exceeds from the chin then it would be not short then it would be medium style. So for getting the proper short haircut follow the styles below.

We are sharing here some short hairstyles for men. These stylish short mens hairstyles are popular all over the world right now.Mens short haircuts are two types of short hairstyles one is mens short haircuts for thin hair and the other is mens short hairstyles for thick hair.


Keeping in view your thirst for styling this year we have gathered different short haircut for you. Hope you will like it! Here are the short hairstyles for men 2017.

short mens haircuts

1.Short layered haircut for men

This is a very trending style for this hair. It gives a smart and cute look to hair. The most important thing is that it can be styled in different ways and looks.

short haircut for men Image: source 

2.Blunt short haircut for men

This is also very nice men hair cut. It gives younger look. The crown of hair is kept longer in this style while hair is shaved on the sides. It is suitable for thick and heavy hair.

short haircut for men Image: source 

3.Flat top haircut for men

This cut gives a flat appearance on the top. You can easily maintain and style it with gel.

short haircut for men Image: source 

4.Businessman short hair cut

This is a trending style for the men working in the office especially. It can be styled easily.

short haircut for men Image: source

5.Side Part Pompadour

Gives a classic look to every man. It is getting popular in men day by day and very easy to style and maintain.

short haircut for men


Image: source 


6.Short Textured Haircut For Men

Textured haircut for men has become a hot trend in 2017. Although it is available for all types of hair it suits mostly to the men with short hair.

men short hairstyles

7. Bald Fade over short hair

This is an amazing style liked by every man as it is easy to maintain and care. 

men short hairstyles

8.Low Fade Short Spiky

This is a short hairstyle but with the spiky look, it makes a guy stylish and stunning.

men short hairstyles

9.Blunt Fringe Haircut For Men

Stunning short haircut for men with the blunt fringe on the front side.

men short hairstyles

10.Thick Wavy Hair short haircut

This style is ideal for the guys with thick and wavy hair. It is easy to maintain and looks amazing on young boys.

men short hairstyles

11. Side Part Combover Hairstyle For Men

This is cute and neat hairstyles for men inspired from the 1940 mens hairstylesIt is one of the very short hairstyles for men.

men short hairstyles

12.Messy Hairstyle For Guys

Women always love a nice hair cut of a man and nowadays the messy hairstyles are becoming hot favorites among girl for the guys.

men short hairstyles

13.Short Curly Haircut For Men

Curly hairs are very difficult to maintain and style so this short haircut for curly hair is a superb idea for men.

men short hairstyles

14.Short Spiky Haircut

This amazing haircut has become the style of the century now.

men short hairstyles

15.The Mohawk Haircut

It looks strange but men like to have this short haircut due to its crazy looks and fun.

men short hairstyles


Men short hairstyles 2018

Men like to have short, long or medium hair but due to a busy lifestyle now they look to have the Mens short haircuts 2018. These short men haircuts are easy to main and style which saves time and energy. Moreover, the new additions in short haircuts and hairstyles have made the short hairstyle the most desired for men. Surprisingly, now men can make any style with short hair from fade over to fringe and pompadour so let’s try your most favorite style in this year.