Medicare insurance and Medicaid programs for Americans mark 50 years

medicare insurance

Medicare, Medicaid insurance programs for Americans mark 50 years.Medicaid and Medicare are well-regarded and famous health insurance programs for American citizens. 50 years ago, Medicaid and Medicare were signed into law Medicaid and Medicare insurance programs faced a lot of appreciation and criticism during these 50 years.


Medicaid is a joint state insurance program that provides help to bear medical costs for low-income citizens. On the other hand, Medicaid provides benefits like personal care  and nursing home care and services.

medicare insurance


Medicare insurance and Medicaid programs for Americans 


Medicare insurance programs provides  services to 65 years pus citizens. On the other hand Medicaid provides its services and benefits to low-income American citizens. Medicaid and Medicare insurance program provides its services to more than 70 million American citizens. Medicaid and Medicare insurance program  mark the 50th Anniversary on 30th July, 2015. Medicaid and Medicare  programs spend more than one third on health spending.


Medicare insurance programs is generating  huge assets in debt while  Medicaid is a great challenge for state assets and budgets. Both programs have served the entire nation but some reforms can improve the quality of performance  of Medicaid and Medicare programs.