The King Of Pop,  Michael Jackson Birthday Anniversary today


The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson Birthday Anniversary today

Michael Jackson memories

Michael Jackson always used to leave his pet snake during a performance in the studio. According to his colleagues they didn’t ever like this per snake .The famous music producer Quincy Jones recalled those pleasant memories.Jones remembered  all this in an interview with the Guardian.He said that his funny things by him are unforgettable.Like behaving like chimpanzees or showing his muscles to everyone.

The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson Birthday Anniversary today

He added that the snake of Michael Jackson was habitual to wrap around his legs.He felt it irritating but couldn’t do anything. He said that this snake is always shown to him in the studio.After 7 years of his death, he is still the number one selling pop star. This is a record itself. The sales of his records are above billions . His all albums are popular but “Thriller” is the best sellers in the world .It has been certified thirty times in 2015.

Michael Jackson was a true icon for this world .A very humble man despite facing controversies and scandals. He left very sensational quotes “I’m just like everyone one as I cut and , bleed and embarrass like anyone easily.”