‘Kick the Can’ rocked as KO’d Bec Rawlings nickname as Paige VanZant says move!


VanZant said. She added that she was aware of the good boxing skills of her rival .  She was completely preparing to win this match . Paige said that she managed to keep her distance and observed all moves of Rawlings then she finished it in seconds. VanZant used many tricks and kicks in the first round and Rawlings laughed at her moves which put her out .

VanZant is just 22 years old

VanZant is now a strawweight leader in the UFC as well. VanZant had to suffer a lot for this position and coming into the mainstream.She is fully aware of her strength and position with a unique style.Paige VanZant says move and then kicked out Bec Rawlings in boxing . ‘Kick the Can has become the popular slogan for her now.