‘Kick the Can’ rocked as KO’d Bec Rawlings nickname as Paige VanZant says move!


 ‘Kick the Can’ rocked as KO'd Bec Rawlings nickname as Paige VanZant says move

Paige VanZant  ‘Kick the Can’ 

Rawlings Surprisingly won the  first round .She gave hard punches to VanZant . In the first round of the match, she didn’t show her aggressiveness .She added that she was aware of the good boxing skills of her rival but was completely prepare to win this match . Paige said that she managed to keep her distance and observed all moves of Rawlings. Then in the second round, she finished it in seconds. VanZant used many tricks and kicks in the first round. Rawlings laughed at her moves which put her out .

This strategy was by design,