Junk food vs healthy food : What is the best healthy Junk food ?


Junk food vs healthy food, it is nor difficult to decide that what is good for us. Junk food vs healthy food is the hot topic for health now. Junk food has become now popular in all over the world but we don’t know that if we are eating healthy junk food or unhealthy, It is better or worst anyhow now it is liked and eaten by most of the people whether kids or elders. It is healthy junk food or not, we see this everywhere, like in shopping malls, Grocery stores, food !fast food hotels etc.

It looks very yummy and healthy with its presentation but we should know the fact that most of the outlets of fried chicken or hamburgers or supply food are simply providing food!

Our kids and youth have become so habitual of eating junk food that they don’t bother about the fast food prices.


                  Junk food vs healthy food 

The Junk food is a meal which offers quick energy and calories but very low nutritional value. Junk foods can not eliminate the hunger completely as after eating this person don’t feel as full. So after some time they again eat something that causes overeating and weight gain.That’s  why it is not a healthy food.

With junk food, people take cold drinks or soda instead of taking fresh juice or green tea or milk. Taking hamburger full of protein, sauces, French fries and cold drink gives plenty of calories. That food can easily be replaced with fruits, vegetable, meat, bread and fresh juice or dairy products. That gives low calories but having full nutrient values.

Junk food is of two types one is snack or second is fast food. Snack Foods are the packed chips, cakes, cheese puffs, and cookies.This type of junk food is totally unhealthy for us but is becoming more and more popular.

Healthy Junk Food
While Fast Food is available through many hamburgers and fried chicken outlets. They also offer chicken nuggets, fries, soda and shakes as well.

Healthy Junk Food

After knowing the drawbacks of junk food we should try to give good alternatives to kids.First of all, select the minimize the duration of eating junk food. Take your favorite junk food once in a month.


Healthy Junk Food

Always go to the restaurant that gives healthy junk food. Means it offer burgers with fresh salad and juice. You can take wrap instead of donuts. This habit can be improved with some attention and willingness.

Are Potatoes good for you?

Yes, if we eat them in boiling form these are healthy. But if we eat potatoes with too much oil frying it becomes very heavy diet. It depends on how you eat them anyhow the potato is the healthiest diet for kids.

Healthy Fast Food Options

Steam chicken with sauces

Burger with too much salad and steam chicken

Fish steamed

Bar B Que

Wraps with too much salad and meat

Healthy Fast Food Breakfast 

  1. Egg sandwich
  2. Pancakes
  3. potato with steam chicken
  4. Chicken sandwich
  5. hot dogs
  6. Oatmeal muffins
  7. baked egg pizza

    So, when you are thinking about the healthy fast food near me then think about the all above options. If you want to enjoy yourself and stay healthy then think about the healthy fast food choices.