Some Interesting Facts about Inuit culture and inuit names


Nunavut is the largest and newest territory of Canada created after the first political change in Canada’s map and Inuit culture is one of the oldest and fascinating cultures of Canada. Nunavut has covered the big part of Arctic Archipelago of Canada and Northern Canada.Nunavut is the fifth large sub territory in any country and Inuit culture is the oldest and most famous in the world.This place has no connection with North America from any highway let’s know about the Inuit history.


 Inuit culture

Nunavut civilization and inuit lifestyle have many interesting facts having almost twenty-five communities. Here are some amazing inuit culture facts, First of all, all communities have qualities of kindness, caring, Inuit giving, helping and discipline. Although the communities are different traditions are same. The people of Nunavut call themInuit.They have good respect for humanity.The people are very practical and disciplined and inuit beliefs are very strong.

Nunavut Culture
The activities of fishing and hunting in winter are their favorite one. They used to dance with drums while singing traditional songs. In Spring season they used to hunt the Seals. Anyhow, they also used to welcome summer season with excitement like winter.


 People of Nunavut

Nunavut Culture

Nunavut peoples are famous for their spirituality. Inuit people survived in many difficult times due to patience. Nunavut peoples have been surviving for thousands of years because of their good habit and sharing traditions. People here believe in strong family relations because they treat everyone equally. Inuit has been very active and enjoying their lives by music, games and many traditional activates.Therefore, they had many singers, dancers, artists, and writers.Inuit speak three languages mainly that are English, French, and the Inuit language.

Nunavut folklore

Nunavut CultureNunavut has many interesting folktales.  These stories were about the unknown fears like Bigfoot creature or Monster.There are many tales about the culture but many are about the horrible things. These folk stories used to stop from going outside their places.  This Nunavut and all culture have a great source of inspiration for us.

inuit names

Inuit names are very interesting as well as meaningful.

AGUTA means gatherer of the dead.

CUPUN means coal

MUKTUK   Name of the movie “The Journey Home’s character”

OSHA   Daughter of the sun

YUKA  The bright star

inuit celebrations

The Inuit drum is used and performed at various celebrations.They used it for celebrating the first successful hunt of a young boy.The Inuit drum is played differently than earlier now. It is also celebrated with the dancing in beer style. Inuit ceremonies are weddings birth of any boy or girl or hunting etc.

 Inuit culture today

The inuit buy their clothes from the shop or markets now.Some of the inuit still, make the old style and traditional clothes. Anyhow they use now modern materials. Still, now the learning process of the students is through observation. Inuit children go to their own communities schools.Most Inuit love to eat traditional foods by hunting or any way. inuit culture food is shipped up from the south sometimes.

Inuit culture 2017 is still alive with some modifications and newness but their basic thoughts and beliefs are still the part of their lifestyle.