Ideas for catchy Instagram captions for everyone in 2018

instagram captions

Today we are going to share some funny, amazing and catchy Instagram captions that can make your picture more interesting. Instagram has become a popular social media apps in the whole world and it is growing day by day. Everybody and even many companies want the good likes and followership on their Instagram picture. For this purpose, one needs to be successful with your Instagram captions.

Good Instagram captions

Here are some useful tips for Instagram captions.

  • If you want to get popularity on Instagram then try to cultivate your own captions for Instagram and caption for facebook.

  • The good caption always inspires the users to look into your account.It is also good for the popularity of any brand as well.

  •  Instagram captions 2018 are lighter and easy than Facebook or Twitter so you get fast popularity here.

instagram captions


  • Moreover, it helps to reach your target audience.

  • Give the relevant information with a hashtag on the end.

  • Try to give some informative and unique information.

  • Add a call to action on your account.

  • Ask relevant questions from your friends

  • Increase the activity on your posts with creating some fun and uniqueness.

  • Use the wise strategy when you want

  • to grow your brand on Instagram.

  • Set goals for images and captions.

  • Schedule your content with a goof posting strategy for your Instagram account.

  • Using Instagram captions quotes well is key to great popularity.

  • Instagram selfie captions should be interesting.

instagram captions

Instagram captions for selfies

There are lots of ideas for quotes for selfies and some are under.

captions for pictures of yourself

  • Don’t get shocked when I will rock.

  • You’re never going to cheat me.

  • Love me or hate me but never date me.

  • Don’t look for shadow be like a shadow for everyone.

  • stand on your own two feet or watch how you will crawl forever.

  • Before searching a true person first look into yourself.

  • Are you ready for my selfie for the day?

  • I’m the person you dreamt for

  • Keep telling yourself You deserve much more.

  • If you have a good heart then you a richer than your expectations.

  • If you have only one good friend you are lucky.

  • Boring exams season not any other reason.

So there is some caption for pictures of me. 

Instagram captions for friends

  1. If you will break my heart, I’ll break your face.

  2. Best friends forever and always.

  3. Best friend is all the best therapy you need always.

  4. I,m lucky to have a best friend like you.

  5. A best friend is like the sunshine on a rainy day or like a shadow in a hot


  6. Living near or far,  real friends are always close to the heart.

  7. Everything changes but nothing could ever replace my best friend.

Instagram captions for girls

captions for girls

  1. Please don’t leave me alone with my beauty.

  2. Don’t let anyone know how cool you are.

  3. My makeup and my attitude are not what I am?

  4. Stay strong, my new selfie is coming

  5. My beauty so cute.

Funny Instagram captions

  1. If nothing goes right, go left simply.
  2. This is my new selfie are you scared?
  3. Real girls don’t take selfies.
  4. I am lacking the vitamin You.
  5. You and me, honey and bee!

Savage Instagram captions

  1. I can do selfies better than you, challenge accepted.

  2. I don’t need part-time friends in my life.

  3.  Can You eat without posting on Instagram

  4. Enjoying my diet coke with heavy cheeseburger and fries

  5. Don’t mistake with me , I can shit in a bit.