10 Stunning high and tight haircut ideas for men in 2018

high and tight haircut

If you are looking for a simple and low maintaining hairstyle in this summer then you must try the high and tight haircut.The stunning High and tight is one of the simple and easiest hairstyles for men. High and tight military haircut and high and tight fade are most common in this style.The High and tight haircut is the most suitable style for boys and men both.

High and tight haircut

Previously it was assumed the women have more hairstyles options than men but this has proved false in 2017. There are plenty of men hairstyles 2017, from short hairstyles for men and short haircuts for men 2017 now this high and tight haircut are also getting popular in guys.

High and tight fade

High and tight fade is suitable for the men with the good shape of the head. If you want to have some idea about men’s haircut fade 2018 look at these pictures below.

High and tight haircuts

If you want to explain simply this is a haircut that is faded from both sides. Anyhow the back hair could be longer or shorter.  faded or totally shaved on the sides and back with a longer, yet generally short. Basically, high and tight is inspired from military haircuts. 

High and tight haircuts are now used in many latest men hairstyles in 2017.

Men short haircuts

men short hairstyles

Mens short haircuts

1940 mens hairstyles

comb over fade

angular fringe


Who can have the High and Tight hairstyle?

The high and tight is popular for many years because it is of the best short hairstyles for men.Most of the barbers in the world are familiar with this easiest high and tight. Moreover, it is the most desirable style for men for years and will be best high and tight haircut 2018.If you have a shortage of time and you need to look stunning then this is the best options for you. You only need some hair wax to style it as well as style can be used on all hair types and shades. Anyhow the high and tight style suits to triangular, oval and square face cuts. High and tight haircut 2017 is going to be the one and the only style for guys in these days for many reasons.

Why is High and tight popular?

  1. Easy to maintain

  2. Simple to style

  3. Time saving

  4. Money saving

  5. Plenty of styling options

  6. Suits to many face shapes

  7. Suitable for all hair types

  8. Could be made for longer or shorter hair

  9. Men can make this cut at home if they have proper hair clippers

  10. Looks amazing on men and suitable for university students, college boys and office men as well.

Some ideas to show you this high and tight hair cuts

Style number    1:

high and tight haircut fade

high and tight haircut

Style number 2:

high and tight haircut with beard

high and tight haircut

Look at this style

high and tight military

high and tight haircut

Style number 4:-

high and tight long on top

high and tight haircut

Look at this style

high and tight receding hairline

high and tight haircut

high and tight recon

high and tight haircut


high and tight haircut


high and tight haircut

high and tight haircut

high and tight haircut

high and tight haircut

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High and tight 2018

If you win the fashion and style fight

then you must try this high and tight

You can have some heavy on the front

While having on the sides some light

You can go simple in the day

You can style it when it is night