Harry Potter augmented reality game 2018 : Release Date and features

Harry Potter augmented reality game

Harry Potter is loved by everyone from kids to youngers and today we are giving an exciting news about the Harry Potter augmented reality game. This New Harry Potter game 2018 will be released in 2018 and it is the most awaited video games for all harry potter fans. Do you know  Harry Potter augmented reality game has some amazing and exciting features that never seen before?

Why do you love Harry Potter?

  1. It takes us to a magical world.

  2. These books tell that life is a journey.

  3. It taught me to conquer with love

  4. I learned to become selfless

  5. It gave me a reason to struggle

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 

Harry Potter augmented reality game will be created by Niantic Pokémon Go developer. The Pokémon Go developer Niantic working on Harry Potter game which he announced some days before. The game will be based on the harry potter augmented reality hit. Moreover, it will be made in a combination of Warner Bros and Niantic. While this amazing game will be played on mobile devices.This amazing game will provide the opportunity to the harry potter game players to do the adventures. While they will learn to encounter the iconic characters and legendary beasts. In a press conference, the makers announced the official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Website that is working.

Release Date for Harry Potter augmented reality game 2018

Harry Potter augmented-reality game will be launched by Niantic Labs. While the expected release date could be the first quarter of 2018. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will announce the exact date in early 2018.

Harry Potter augmented reality game

Characters of Augmented Reality

The characters are not finalized and announced yet. Anyhow, the maker announced that the players will find artifacts. Moreover, they will team up as well as encounter magical and legendary beasts and iconic characters.


This game will definitely have amazing features. As Niantic has revealed that he is working on Harry Potter-themed with some augmented reality features.


The harry potter augmented reality game is arriving your places just hold down for this new augmented reality mobile game. While Harry Potter has always been the craze in form of harry potter books series, novels. Now in mobile and abstract games so let’s wait for the new harry potter games 2019.