Guinness world records 2018 – the best selling copyrighted book ever

guinness world records 2018

Guinness world records 2018 is a reference book that published every year to give the information about all the records achieved worldwide. Guinness world records 2018 gives awards from the wide range of activities and fields. For example,  it tells the names of latest, oldest, richest, tallest, fastest, smallest people from all over the world. 

The book was published in 1955 for the first time with the name of The Guinness Book of Records till 1998. It was then named as The Guinness Book of World Records in some old editions of USA.

Guinness world records 2019

Now, it is famous worldwide and available in many languages for the convenience of people.This reference book is published annually with the proper listings of National and World records. It not only focuses the human achievements but also the extremes of the world naturally like seasons, earthquakes, growth, snowfall, weathers, floods etc.

Guinness world records 2018


The latest edition of a book in 2017 will be the 63rd edition of Guinness World Records. This book is published in more than 23 languages and hundred countries. It has become wider and it does not just belong to print information. It includes now museums and electronic media as well. Guinness World Records has now become the only and primary authority to list, catalog and verify the inferential world records.
Guinness world records 2018

The organization of Guinness World Records employs official record adjudicators. They are fully authorized to verify the reality and authenticity of setting and breaking the world records.

The most interesting thing about the Guinness World Records is this it is the best-selling copyrighted book of all time that is also a world record.
Guinness world records 2018

The Guinness Book of Records 2018 was first published on August 27th, 1955.After publishing in 1955 till now this book has sold more than hundred million copies. This makes it the biggest selling copyright in the history. Now, Guinness World record sells about 3 and a half million copies a year. It is usually published in 23 languages and in hundred countries. The latest edition of the book indicates that there are still some records that stand till now after fifty years of its publication.