Funny Captions for Selfies for Facebook, Instagram and Tumbler

funny captions for selfies

Are you searching for the Funny Captions for Selfies for your Facebook, Instagram, and Tumbler accounts then you are on the right page as we are going to share a great collection for Funny Captions for Selfies for everyone. You will get plenty of selfie captions according to your need and choice.

Selfie captions 2018

First of all, all of us must know about the selfie captions. Most of the people look selfies of others keenly as it is the best expression of other’s personality.Selfies are the symbols of your personality and self so it is incomplete without the proper Selfie captions so all selfies must have selfies captions.

Funny selfies captions

It is not enough to just post your selfie, it will be priceless until you add some good selfie quotes with it. You need to go through the Best selfies quotes for the better understanding of your selfie. You can either go for the funny captions for selfies but there are also many other good selfie captions that are not funny but interesting.

funny captions for selfies

Good Selfie Quotes Tips 

1.Use some creativity

2.Make it short and simple

3. Write the applicable quotes

4.Always write the related caption

5.Take some good line from songs or poems or picture dialogues.

6.Add some curiosity

7.Write something interesting

8.Take a good and clear picture

9.Choose the caption just come first in your mind

Captions for selfies 2018

Here is a list of some ideas for Captions for selfies.

  1. Look at That Weird  Face

  2. Now its Selfie Time

  3. Selfie weekend

  4. Let me take selfie now tell

  5. I’m so cool really

  6. Hopefully, I’m not bothering you

  7. Are you jealous of my beauty
  8. Smile because it happened!

  9. Stop thinking take selfies

  10. OMG, It’s me

  11. Just finished the preparation

  12. A selfie without makeover

  13. Wish you like me

  14. Missing me

  15. Off time Selfie

  16. Selfie before work

  17. Good morning Selfie
  18. Just finished my work

funny captions for selfies

Cute selfie captions 2018

  • If you have beautiful eyes praise my selfie

  •  I’m feeling like a celebrity today

  • Selfies with Pizza and movie

  • Silly  time with besties

  • It’s so beautiful when I smile

  • I’m your dream girl

  • Dreams will come true if you go for it
  • the best time is the friends time

  • Having fun with buddies
  • Baking for you

  • Love your enemies they will love your friends

  •  You wanna ask my beauty secret

  • Tired of work now selfie time

    Selfie captions lyrics

    Here are some trending ideas for selfies captions lyrics for 2017 and 2018. Captions for selfies from songs are getting popular day by day.

  • Rihanna                                 “Needed Me”

  • Drake                                       “Views”

  • Fifth Harmony                      “That’s My Girl”

  • Hailee Steinfeld                    “Love Me”

  • Calvin Harris & Rihanna          “This Is What You Came For”

  • Marina & The Diamonds         “Can’t Pin Me Down”

  • Fall Out Boy                           “Irresistible”

Instagram selfie captions 2018

The selfie has dominated all social media sites including Instagram and thinking of Instagram selfie captions could be difficult.Instagram Selfie quotes are getting popular day by day. You must have a good and cute selfie caption on your Instagram photos. Many people judge you by the selfie quotes and captions nowadays.

Here is a good list of the best selfie quotes and captions for selfies.

  • Just see my today’s selfie

  • I’m a star look at my selfie

  • I was born to rule

  • Maybe she’s born with it.

  • Baby, I’m your queen.

  • I forget what you say

  •  Smile is life

  • Always classy

  • When dreams come true

  • I’m rich of thoughts with empty pocket

  • Would you like a cup of coffee with me?

  • Just smile because it’s me

  • Why are you so serious?

  • Don’t regret you passed, smile for your future

  • Just prayers

  • There’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.

  • Don’t mess with me I’m gonna kill you

  • Laughing not allowed

  • Learn to appreciate the people

funny captions for selfies

Selfie captions for facebook

If you want some good selfie captions for Facebook then you need a caption for a profile picture first of all. Then you need to add the captions to pictures of yourself. Here are many ideas like captions, quotes, funny, interesting and song lyrics captions as well. Caption for Facebook would be same as the Instagram captions Tumblr or other social media.

funny captions for selfies

# I Wish you were here

#I don’t dare to do the right

#I know that I’m perfect

#Don’t dare to unlike me

#Thanks me for this good picture

#Comment if you love me

#I never forget my friends

#Missing someone badly

#Join me at the coffee