Try this healthiest detox soup to look younger and fresh in 2018

detox soup

Everyone wants to look younger and fresh so here we are giving an amazing recipe of detox soup to look younger and fresh in 2018. Detox soup is a magical diet that not only gives you the energy but it also keeps you fresh and younger. It has all healthy ingredients.

This soup is very simple to make and easy to digest for all. Chopping the vegetables make it juicier and easy to take. The most interesting thing is that you will get the full taste of this yummy soup.

So if you are going to make detox soup then make it sure you are getting a meal with full vitamins and minerals.

Detox soup 2018

Believe me that there would nothing tasty and energetic than this yummy bowl in winter and tired routine as well. This energetic soup is free of oil and any kind of fat things.Today we are going to share the detox soup recipes for weight loss. Detox soup diet can help in weight loss very quickly and effectively.

The ingredients in this soup are very healthy and nutritious like lemon, Cinnamon, ginger, Cabbage, lentils, kale, Carrot, onion, black pepper, chicken etc.  Lemon is the best source of vitamin c and weight reducing agent. Adding lemon will make your immune system better while giving the flavor to your soup.  Cinnamon is helpful in maintaining the blood sugar level in the body. It is also good for digestion. Ginger is the best medicine to fight against cold. It also works as the antibiotic and antioxidant agent. While Cabbage is one of the best vegetables that gives good taste to food. It is good for digestion and stomach and helps in reducing the weight.

detox soup






detox soup


How to make the detox soup?

Mix all ingredients in one bowl and add six glass of water. Leave it on low heat on the stove for 1 hour. Take it twice for quick results.

You can also make detox green soup and liver detox soup with the same recipe. Detox cabbage soup is the best diet for men and women.


You can make in this way the home vegetable soup, chicken lime soup and much more.

Healthy soup recipes

The quickest and effective 7 day detox soup recipe is a master cleanse soup.