Best and trending Comb Over Fade Hairstyles for Men 2017-18

comb over fade

Men are always looking for some simple, easy and neat idea for his hairstyle so here we are going to share the best and trending comb over fade hairstyles for men 207-2018. Comb over fade haircuts and hairstyles have become surprisingly popular among the guys. We will try to discuss each and every style of the comb over fade haircut here today.Let’s discover everything about it. Fade comb over 

Comb over fade 

Comb over styles

Look below there are plenty of comb over styles for men.

Comb over fade haircut

Comb over fade has become popular for some years. It has many styles and variations for different hair length and texture. The most popular fade is for long hairs. It has more strength on the top and becomes fade on the sides gradually.

Taper fade comb over

The taper is one of the best styles of the comb over and it is mostly like my the men. It is simple to maintain and style. Comb over taper is one of the most demanding styles of boys in 2017.

comb over fade


Low fade comb over

Low fade comb over and comb over taper fade haircut is best for all boys. Comb over low fade good for office, parties, and casual as well.

comb over fade

High fade comb over

The High fade comb-over is a stylish and amazing hairstyle. You have thick hair on the top and some many short sides as well. The comb over, comb over fade and combover are the styles of 2017-2018. Comb over high fade is suitable for boys.

comb over fade



Bald fade

Bald fade is not comb over but it also comes in the same category of the comb over haircut and hairstyles. Comb over haircut is easy to maintain and simple to style.

Comb over fade with line

Hair stylists have taken this hairstyle to extreme popularity due to adding some more cuteness in it. This haircut with a line gives a sharp and near look. 

comb over fade

Comb over undercut

This undercut haircut gives the trending look. It is the best at the contrast between darker and short hair and the more blonde shades on top.

comb over fade

Short comb over

comb over fade

The mostly liked by all men and guys in 2017.

How to ask for a comb over haircut?

First of all, check all designs and styles on internet. The make an idea and go to the hairstylist. Choose the best comb over fade according to your hair texture, color and length.