Nino Brown Warns Men About the Kardashians : Breaking celebrity news

breaking celebrity news

Today, we are going to give breaking celebrity news about Kim Kardashian in which Nino Brown Warns Men About the Kardashians. Now, this is not a secret for anyone that Nino Brown never thinks highly good about the Kardashians.

A new video released by DJ Khaled’s former artist is titled as Kartrashian Curse”. In this video, he not only spreads his thoughts about the Kardashian sisters. He also expresses his feelings about the men who support and allow them in their lives.

You can see the video in this link in which Brown acts as a teacher teaches men about the effects of dating the Kardashian sisters. Through out the video, he attacks similar women having materialistic thoughts.

Breaking celebrity news 


Kim Kardashian, who cannot resist to beauty and fashion items now find the affordable fashion and styling products, that is a breaking celebrity news. It seems that now she, at last, succeeded to find the best and affordable cosmetics for her and family.

The Affordable Fashion and Beauty Bargain Brands are choice and demand of everyone but when we talk about Kim Kardashian she is a fan of the beauty and fashion accessories. Everyone loves to bargain while shopping. Kim and her family also love to buy and bargain.
breaking celebrity news


Kim finds it very expensive to buy for herself and family. She says all of her sisters wants to wear good dresses with best style and beauty products which are not affordable for her.Kim finds the solution while saying that now she can buy these all in less than $75 , that is surprising.
breaking celebrity news

In addition, the entrepreneur’s makeup artist of Koji Mario made her skin smooth. He totally charged the minimum of $7.

breaking celebrity news
Hopefully, now Kim can easily go for shopping with her family.She doesn’t need to break the banks.