Be careful: April Fool day pranks 2018 could be dangerous for life

April fools day pranks 2018

April Fool day 2018 is here but be careful the April fools day pranks 2018 could be dangerous for anyone’s life. April Fool day is celebrated in all over the world and most of us make fun and pranks on this day but do you know these April Fool day pranks could be very dangerous. So be careful!Having fun with your friends, family, and colleagues is not a bad thing but most of us make jokes that become serious for another one. Be careful: April fools day pranks 2018 can be dangerous for life.If you are going to make fun on this April Fool 2019 then read this story below. 

April fools day pranks 2018


The pranks we should never do?

Before you plan some pranks with your friends be careful that these are not harmful. Never make dangerous pranks because the purpose of this day is to have fun but not disturb others. It should be not violent, it should not be harmful at any cost. Always remember adding some Nair in the shampoo or scaring someone can be harmful to others. Somebody can have an accident due to driving to reach to some place at the emergency.

The wrong news of someone death

This is very dangerous as it can give the shock to someone. Many persons in past even got a sudden heart attack due to wrong news of death.

Taking someone to the horrified room

If you take someone in a dark room to scare him, it can lead to the sudden panic attack or brain attack.

A news that can create misunderstanding in relations

A news that is wrong can create a lot of misunderstanding in couples.

You should never do the pregnancy pranks it can also create misunderstanding.

Most of the women make pregnancy pranks on April Fools day but it can lead to misunderstanding in the relationship as well.

April fools day pranks 2018

Why do we celebrate April fools day?

April Fool day is not necessary to celebrate or it is not an event. Anyhow, this day is celebrated all over the world. The purpose of this day is to make some jokes, pranks, and silliness on this day. The pranks could be among family, friends or colleague as well. April Fool pranks for adults, April Fool pranks for kids and Revenge pranks are common on this day.

The purpose of this day is to bring fun but it is becoming dangerous due to some nonsense pranks.

History of April fools day 

If we talk about the history of April Fool day then there are many stories and theories behind it.

  • Some think that it is started at renewal festivals. In these festivals, the people were made fool. It had been marking the end of winter or at the start of every spring. In these festivals, people used to play tricks with friends and strangers as well.

April fools day pranks


  • According to the other theory of French revolution. In 1789, French people had deposed the King Louis 5th. At this day King George 3 of UK made the joke of stepping down. Then the people have celebrated the freedom but they were arrested afterward followed by longtime prison.
  • April Fool day pranks 2018 is about to come but be careful.

April fools day pranks 2018

April fools pranks for adults

1.Give a frozen screen to someone and when he will tap it will not work.

2.Hide a toy snake in grocery basket

3.Sms your friend about your recent engagement

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April fools pranks for school

1.Give plastic candies to your friends

2.Hide the h.w notebook of your friend.

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There are many Best April fools pranks ever but try to use simple and funny pranks not harmful.