2018 new cars are cheaper and modern than ever?

2018 new cars

Are you looking for the best and 2018 new cars then you are on the right page as here we are giving the details of 2018 new cars for you? Most of the people want to replace their cars in 2018 so here are some best cars 2018 for you. Here are the upcoming new cars for 2018.

Although 2018 cars were also liked by the car lovers the 2018 cars have some different features for you. In 2018 new cars have some exciting features that are given below for you.

Best and new cars for 2018

2016 was a good year for new cars and models but this year is going to be superb with new exciting stuff. Keeping in view the drastic changes in life and upcoming technology the car manufacturers factories have made some new vehicles with amazing stuff in upcoming new cars 2018.

2018 cars like BMW series 3 , Ferraris and Audi A8 are coming with great speed and manufacturing. You have to choose the car according to your need, budget, nd requirement. 10 best cars 2018 are as under.

1.Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta-new cars 2018

This is one of the best new car 2017 and models of Ferrari LaFerrari in 2017 as the company has lopped the roof of it calling it Aperta. The upcoming model has the fabric and fiber roof anyhow the 789hp V12 and 120 kW electric motor are still same.

new cars 2017

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2. Lexus LC 2017-new cars 2018

Lexus LC by Japan will be one of the best cars that will be less focused on the driver. It will be the good and tough competitor for the Mercedes-Benz.The two models are expected this year one is a 5.0-liter V8 and a 3.5-liter hybrid. This model from Lexus will have more real high tech look but luxurious as well.

new cars 2017


3.Mazda MX-5 RFnew cars 2018

Mazda is one of the most favorite cars for its lovers due to its great features and style. Now, the MX-5 is a most awaited model of Mazda.It is coming with great manufacturing like a front brace and available, Bilstein shocks, Brembo front brakes and BBS wheels and some more features as well.

new cars 2017


4.Audi A6new cars 2018

Audi is launching its A6 within the competition of Mercedes and BMW this year. Its design is not very attractive anyhow it is promising many upgraded and exciting features. It is providing the electric turbo tech and sharp driving. This model will represent the autonomous technology for drivers.

new cars 2017


5.BMW 3 Seriesnew cars 2018

This is the most wanted car for 2017 that will be available at the end of this year. It will have the carbon and fiber construction having the new and lightweight chassis. It will have the engines with three, four and six cylinders. The best thing is the hybrid 3 series that will support the fuel economy.

more efficient plug-in hybrid 3 Series promising fuel economy upwards of 150mpg will also be added to the range.

new cars 2017


2018 cars list

  1. Acura

2018 new carsAlfa Romeo


Alfa RomeoAston Martin








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2018 new cars

There are many other 2018 new cars that are expected to launch this year. In these upcoming cars Audi A5 Cabriolet, An Aston Martin V8 VantageAlpine Sports Car, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Abarth 500X are included. In the next articles, we will share the 2018 cars and New Cars 2018 and their features.