1940s mens hairstyles that will be trending in 2017-2018

1940s mens hairstyles

Old is gold, this proverb is true because every person loves to revisit and follow his past after sometimes from lifestyle to hairstyle and here will tell 1940s mens hairstyles that will be trending in 2017-2018. Why the 1940s Mens Hairstyles are getting popular after a century let’s reveal.

1940s mens hairstyles

When I visited the past to find the 1940s Men’s Hairstyles then I found some amazing things.

  1. The 1940s Hairstyles for Men are stunning and classical.
  2. They give the men a neat and clean look.
  3. These were totally professional and business haircuts.
  4. These hairstyles are easy to care and maintain.
  5. It gives simply stylish and amazing look to men.

1940s mens hairstyles

Hairstyles in the 1940s

  1. Men’s hairstyles in the 1940s were mostly short and shaved.men had the very short or the shaved hairstyles because either they were serving the military or they were just mimicking the styles of the Cinema stars.

  2. Maybe, they were inspired by the world war 2 because most of the men have military haircut 1940s.

  3. 1940s mens hairstyles were easy to maintain.

  4. The most amazing thing about these hairstyles is that these were very practical.

  5. It gives the men a nice look

Top Hairstyles in 1940s

1.Crew haircut 

The Crew Cut hairstyle was one of the most popular styles after second world war. This was the perfect hairstyle for men as men hair were shaved at the sides. The hair was left longer on the head top.

2.Flattop hairstyle slicked back

Flattop hairstyle was also very famous in 1940s and mostly made by army and soldiers. In this style the sides of hair also tapered short like crew cut. The difference is that in this style the hair on head top are longer than crew cut. This style give total flat appearance due to being long and straight.


1940s mens hairstyles

3.Slicked back

Most of the men were inspired by movie stars in 1940 so they also wore the slicked back hairstyles. For Slicked back hairstyle men used Vaseline and grease for perfect look. This was the famous hairstyle in movies.

4. Side part hairstyles 

Side part hairstyles were also very common in men. That give a stunning and neat look. In this style hair are cut shortly from above the ears . Then part it on the side. These were inspired by film stars in 1940s.

4.Curve Hairstyles

Men having long hair also loved to wore the curve in front hair. It gives the hero alike look.

1940s mens hairstyles

1940s mens hairstyles in 2017-2018

No doubt, these hairstyles were easy and simple for men. Surprisingly those vintage hairstyles are becoming more popular in 2017. According to the fashion experts these all hairstyles will be the biggest fashion trends 2018. In 2017 mostly men are going to have these types of simple and neat hairstyles like high and tight haircut, angular fringe, flat top, side part etc.

1940s mens hairstyles

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Only the names are changed but the looks are same. After this we will also share some amazing 1950s men hairstyles with you. 1950s Mens Hairstyles were similar to 1940s but the most popular Hairstyles in the 1950s was pompadour.