10 Extreme Selfies that will make you Crazy


10 Extreme Selfies that will make you Crazy.Selfie addiction has become very common in homes, functions, and offices. Everyone wants to make his or her moments unforgettable by taking Selfies.We are showing here 10 amazing and extreme Selfies that will make you astonish. Kindly don’t try them just enjoy.

Here are some extreme selfies hope you will like it!

 Skyscraper Selfie 

This Selfie has been taken by a 19 years old boy  Alexander Romney on the Prince Tower in Dubai on the height of 1350 feet. The roof top selfie trend is following by the most thrilling seekers.

extreme selfies

Selfie with Dreamliner by F-16 Pilot


This is an amazing selfie by the pilot was able to achieve the shot from this angle.  This inverted face to face view is provided by Helmet Mounted Cueing System.

Great White Selfie

This selfie has been taken by johnward101 with a Great White in Guadalupe. It was taken almost 150 miles off the Mexico coast. , 150 miles off the coast of Mexico. This selfie represents a great cage diving adventure.

extreme selfies

Selfie before Sky Diving


This Selfie was taken by Jokke Sommer in Hawaii.He was about to hanging out of a helicopter and just after his selfie, he did a dive in the sky.

Waterfall Selfie

This selfie was taken while showing a great  Balancing Act. It became viral because this was taken at the Beaver Falls in Arizona with great thrill.

Skyscraper Selfie


Kirill Oreshkin is a Russian photographer. He loves adventures and thrills during his work. He took many selfies after climbing on the top of tallest building in the world. This is all very risking for life.

 Selfie before drowning

extreme selfies


This selfie was taken on December 11, 2013, when an Aircraft was sinking in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This man took this selfie at this crucial moment of his life anyhow he succeeded.

Space Selfie


Especially, This selfie has been taken by Mike Hopkins who is an astronaut. He was a  NASA flight engineer and he took this selfie during his spacewalks on the Space Station.

Selfie at Volcano

Moreover, this thrilling selfie was taken by George Kourounis at the place of an active lava Volcano in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific Ocean. At this dangerous spot, he took this volcano selfie that was extremely hot.

Selfie during Wave Riding


This is also one of the extreme selfies taken by Shaun Smith who belongs to Orange County at the state of California, has He always takes many selfies during wave riding to show his thrills and skills.