NASA’s New discovery beyond our solar system in 2017: A New World found

NASA New discovery beyond the existing solar system in 2017

Men were always curious about the life beyond this solar system and NASA is going to brief about its discovery beyond our solar system. Finally, NASA has recently discovered life beyond the solar system. These discoveries will be disclosed at a press conference on Wednesday.

NASA is a symbol of new discoveries from landing to the moon and universe. It has been finding the new solar systems in the universe. It is working ti discover the unknown facts of this entire universe. Life beyond this solar system has been a favorite topic for NASA and finally, it is going to reveal its findings tomorrow.

NASA Will present the latest findings on life on those planets that also orbit stars other than this sun.These are known as the exoplanets.The NASA press conference will be aired live tomorrow by the agency and television.

The press conference will be held to reveal the ‘discovery beyond our solar system‘. In this press conference, NASA will announce some major discoveries about the exoplanets that orbit other starts.

NASA New discovery beyond the existing solar system in 2017


     Discovery beyond our solar system 2017

These exoplanets are the only hope to live beyond this earth in their Universe. NASA believes that some of these exoplanets resemble our earth.
The press conference will be held tomorrow on 22nd, Feb at 1:00 pm at  NewYork time. The famous scientists and astronauts will attend this press conference.
People can participate in this press conference using the tag #AskNASA during the press conference.

         ” beyond our solar system”

NASA is going to announce its one of the best discoveries that are about the life supporting planets outside of this Solar system.

Finding a life beyond this Solar system has been a favorite topic for scientists and Astronomers for many years. Moreover, They always focused on studying about the starts other than sun. Finally, NASA is going to tell the discoveries about this new earth beyond the earth.



How to make rubber band bracelets: Step by Step guide

How to make rubber band bracelets

You are on this page because you were searching how to make rubber band bracelets and today we are going to show you how to make rubber band bracelets in step by step guide. Bracelets are loved and liked by both boys and girls. These have become the most popular fashion trend 2017 now. Although, bracelets are available in a market very easily but most of the guys like to make the bracelets themselves to gift their loved ones.

Bracelets are not only the 2017 fashion trend but it is a great way to express the love and friendship in this age as well.Bracelets are easy to make and a great fun and joy for everyone. From kids to young one all like to make and gift colorful bracelets.

How to make bracelets?

How to make rubber band bracelets

The colorful and cute bracelets are now part of fashion, Most of girls and boys want to make it by themselves. There are a lot of shapes and styles of bracelets. It could be made with different kinds of materials as well.

These bracelets are a good way to express your love and these are also a budget gift for anyone.In these days the most famous bracelets are the rubber band bracelets, bead bracelets, beaded bracelets and stones bracelets. Here we will tell you how to make rubber band bracelets first of all. Here The rubber band bracelets are most simple and cheap to gift some. They look very pretty on hands as well.

How to make rubber band bracelets?

First of all, we will see how to make rubber band bracelets. These are most simple and cheap to gift some. They look very pretty on hands as well. You only need colorful rubber bands and a pencil for this purpose.

You can make them with different styles and shapes. Just follow the steps in the link.

Here is also a video tutorial to learn how to make colorful bracelets from rubber bands.


 How to make beaded bracelets?

Beads bracelets are also liked by many girls and they like to make it by themselves. Making the beaded bracelets is also very easy and everyone can make it simply at home. It is one of the best and simple homemade jewelry for girls. You can learn to make these beaded bracelets easily from here.

This is a video tutorial for learning how to make beaded bracelets?


How to make friendship bracelets?

Friendship bracelets are very common and popular in girls and boys. The could be easily made. You need simple things to make these bracelets. These could be beads, stones, thread and rubber bands as well. 








Suffering from the shift work sleep disorder : What is the solution ?

shift work sleep disorder

Are you familiar with the term Shift work sleep disorder that is a problem faced by the people who work in rotating shifts?  Most of the people work in different shifts like morning, night and evening. The shift work affects the people lifestyle and creates some disorders in which shift work sleep disorder is also included.This is a topic for the people who face trouble in sleeping due to work routines.

Shift work sleep disorder-Meaning

SWSD stands for  Shift work sleep disorder. It disturbs the persons working in rotating shifts. The changing schedule of jobs anyhow totally against the body system that harms the body functions. The most harmful thing is this sleep disorder naming as Shift work sleep disorder.It becomes the delayed sleep phase disorder later if not treated. 

shift work sleep disorder

What is shift work? 

Working in different times like morning, evening and mid is called shift work.

Shift work sleep disorder symptoms

  • Continues feeling of sleeping even after the sleep of more than 8 hours in a day.
  • Restlessness
  • Drowsiness
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • stomach disorder

Results of Shift work sleep disorder

Shift work disorder causes not only bad impact on health but also effects the work as well. It can cause road accidents, work error, bad performance, low attention, and anxiety as well.

shift work sleep disorder


How to overcome the Shift work sleep disorder?

Although it is not possible to solve this issue completely anyhow there are some tips to maintain your health and sleep.

  1. Take 8 hours sleep daily.

  2. Take healthy diet,

3.Maintain your sleep diary.

4, Sleep in quite and peaceful room.

5, Don’t work for overtimes especially when working in night shift,

6.Don’t take heavy foods at night shift work.

7, Take a nap before starting your night shift,

  1. Take some energy drink before starting the work.


Sleep medications for Shift work sleep disorder

If you can not overcome your sleep trouble with these tips then you should go to some doctor. He can suggest some good medicine that will help you to sleep quickly. Avoid the overdose of these medicines.

Supplements for Shift work sleep disorder

You can also take the Melatonin supplements to overcome this sleep issue. It helps to produce the hormone in the brain that gives a signal to sleep. You should take it before some hours you plan to sleep.

Some Facts about Shift work sleep disorder

  1. This disorder is caused by the irregular routine of work.
  2. Shift work is now very common in all fields, but especially industrial areas, hospitals, and media have rotating shifts.
  3. The people who are already facing some health issues may have the more chances to suffer from this sleep disorder.
  4. Family can better help to decrease this issue by providing the best environment.
  5. Taking this disorder not seriously can lead to many harmful diseases.
  6. The symptoms of shift work sleep disorder may be different in all peoples.
  7. The nature of job also makes the disorder more complicated like if you are working in a stress field like media then the disorder will more strong.
  8. People working in hospitals, army. police, media, and transportation have more risks of this disorder.
  9. Although there is good treatment available for this disorder but you should go for natural tips and solutions for a better life.



This is a common issue for everyone working in different fields anyhow it could be overcome with simple tips.


Right now find here the top 10 best and new cars 2017


Are you looking for the best and new cars 2017 then you are on the right page as here we are giving the details of new cars  2017 for you? Most of the people want to replace their cars in 2017 so here are some best cars 2017 for you. Here are the upcoming new cars for 2017.

Although 2016 cars were also liked by the car lovers but the 2017 cars have some different features for you. In 2017 new cars have some exciting features that are given below for you.

Best and new cars for 2017

2016 was a good year for new cars and models but this year is going to be superb with new exciting stuff. Keeping in view the drastic changes in life and upcoming technology the car manufacturers factories have made some new vehicles with amazing stuff in upcoming new cars 2017.

2017 cars like BMW series 3 , Ferraris and Audi A8 are coming with great speed and manufacturing. You have to choose the car according to your need, budget, nd requirement. 10 best cars 2017 are as under.

1.Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta-new cars 2017

This is one of the best new car 2017 and models of Ferrari LaFerrari in 2017 as the company has lopped the roof of it calling it Aperta. The upcoming model has the fabric and fiber roof anyhow the 789hp V12 and 120 kW electric motor are still same.

new cars 2017

Image: source

2. Lexus LC 2017-new cars 2017

Lexus LC by Japan will be one of the best cars that will be less focused on the driver. It will be the good and tough competitor for the Mercedes-Benz.The two models are expected this year one is a 5.0-liter V8 and a 3.5-liter hybrid. This model from Lexus will have more real high tech look but luxurious as well.

new cars 2017


3.Mazda MX-5 RFnew cars 2017

Mazda is one of the most favorite cars for its lovers due to its great features and style. Now, the MX-5 is most awaited model of Mazda.It is coming with great manufacturing like a front brace and available, Bilstein shocks, Brembo front brakes and BBS wheels and some more features as well.

new cars 2017


4.Audi A6new cars 2017

Audi is launching its A6 within the competition of Mercedes and BMW this year. Its design is not very attractive anyhow it is promising many upgraded and exciting features. It is providing the electric turbo tech and sharp driving. This model will represent the autonomous technology for drivers.

new cars 2017


5.BMW 3 Seriesnew cars 2017

This is the most wanted car for 2017 that will be available at the end of this year. It will have the carbon and fiber construction having the new and lightweight chassis. It will have the engines with three, four and six cylinders. The best thing is the hybrid 3 series that will support the fuel economy.

more efficient plug-in hybrid 3 Series promising fuel economy upwards of 150mpg will also be added to the range.

new cars 2017


There are many other new cars 2017 that are expected to launch this year. In these upcoming cars Audi A5 Cabriolet, An Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Alpine Sports Car, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Abarth 500X are included. In the next articles, we will share the New Cars 2018 and their features.


How to break up with someone :7 reasons for breakup

should I break up with him

How to break up with someone and Why Should I break up with him, it is one of the hardest decision in our life but sometimes it is the most right decision for us also . A good relationship is which makes the partner happy and satisfied on the equal level. After spending many years or months one of the partners thinks that he or she is not getting the proper share from this relationship.But nobody knows How to break up with someone.

Why Should I break up with him to find the answer you have to look at the reasons for it.The most common reason for break up is being hurt physically or emotionally by your partner. This is the biggest thing that brings huge differences in couples.

How to break up with someone?

should I break up with him


Another reason of breakup is being cheated by the partner. Mostly relationship become on the stake when the other one is cheating constantly .

Sometimes the other partner starts taking interest in someone else. When you feel this then no more need to give your partner another chance .Simply go for break up without wasting your time.

When is it time to break up?

The relationship cannot survive if you don’t feel comfortable with your partner . The more you are comfortable with your partner the stronger relation. Your comfort level decides the future of your relation.
should I break up with him


If your partner is lying to you constantly then this relationship cannot survive anymore. For a successful relation trust and truth are the basic things. If you are not having both of them then simply say goodbye to your partner.

The level of understanding between partners also means a lot. If one is not going to understand the feelings of others then how it will move on. Everyone wants a true partner in his or her life. So this is also a big reason for break up .

The relationship strong on the basis of trust, truth, care and compromises. If it gives you only tensions then simply break up and go ahead. A new life is waiting for you.